Tuesday, 31. January 2006
Tues 31 Jan 2006

I am flipping through my handwritten diary from one year ago. I find:

From What Casanova Told Me:

“If to err is human, and to forgive divine, then one must choose one’s husband foolishly so that one can forgive endlessly and approach a state of grace befitting a saint.
But I believe this is not wise. Far better to choose carefully in order to forgive less often. This is also the best way to avoid the self-congratulation that accompanies frequent acts of generosity.”

I had been documenting some spousal spatting. Then I had this dream:

“He got called up by the army and was leaving for heaven knows how long, and was very upset. Woke up with the realization that all this stuff is small potatoes compared to shit that can happen in life.”

Looking back, I see that the dream was also telling me what was at the root of our dissatisfaction. He needed to leave and did not want to go.

From a magazine I had pasted in a clipping that included this: “... how easy it is to feel self-righteous while behaving badly.”

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That snowfall never did make it here yesterday. So much for weather prediction. Not that I was worried. Good weather, nasty weather, it’s all the same to me unless I have to drive far. Which I do, tomorrow. Off to the big city!

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