Sunday, 30. January 2005
Communication Misfire

Sunday, Jan. 30, 2005
2:49 p.m.

~ My Adorable Boy ~

As you can see, we are happy!

From where I sit, on my knees in front of the computer, I can look through a sliding glass door and see much of the city and a wide swath of Lake Okanagan. After dark there's an artificial-light show. As a matter of fact, the first night we were here, there was a display of fireworks down near the yacht club. One could take it as a welcome meant specifically for us, and so we did.

The first thing we had to get accustomed to was the alarm system. This is a large home with an empty inlaw suite on the ground floor, and the owners have a security system operated from either the master bedroom or the garage entry. They demonstrated how to use it, so just before I went to bed on Friday I set the alarm for the bottom floor.

After a while, I heard Scott descend to the second floor and thought I'd better get up and warn him that I'd set the security system in case he decided to ramble down there during his travels. I called down the stairs, "Scott, the alarm is on" and then went back to bed.

The next thing I know, the alarm is beeping and I am bounding out of bed to phone the security company, wondering why the silly bugger went down there right after I'd said the alarm was on! And there you go. His manful self thought I'd meant the alarm was on, as in going off, and had gone to see who was down there, in case the boys and I needed protecting.

It's no wonder we have communication misfires some times. We don't speak the same language!

(Wondering why someone would go downstairs if there was an intruder instead of waiting on the safe side of the door for help to arrive? After all, that's what a security system is all about, right? Well, my sweetie has as much courage as wit, and fears only me!)

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