Friday, 18. June 2004
The Sibs

~Mr. Incredible and his mom~

Will my siblings let me get away with posting these admittedly poor photos of them? Well, not all are poor. Cameron looks good.

Here's the youngest, working on a quilt top because Mom insisted that since we are now all spoiling her and doing whatever she wants, she can guilt us into sewing. Joan cooperated beautifully.

And Karen, who has a voice like an angel (and also did her part in the quilting, while I was not pushed to participate since Mom knows my stitches and knots don’t hold anyway and perhaps I looked too miserable and tired and she had lots of help regardless), spent a few hours trying to get Joan’s 12-string to hold its tuning. It wouldn’t, so I don’t think Karen sang one song in its entirety, which irritated Grandma. Or maybe Karen and Mom did manage to make their way through all the verses of something.

And here's my aunt and grandmother, cutting out strips of fabric. Slaves, all.

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