Monday, 22. December 2008
Monday 22 Dec 2008

Me 'n' my buddy, Ducky

I am dogsitting for Karen for about a week. Neither Scott nor I like having pets in our house, both preferring to enjoy them outside or in other people's houses, where we aren't the ones who have to clean up after them. But I have a soft spot for Ducky, who is sticking close; I have always said that if the day comes when he needs a new home, I'll take him.

At the moment he is on my lap here and as I type his head is often resting on my arm. This may not go on all week but for now I am making sure he feels loved and wanted, in hopes that it helps him behave to the best of his ability. It's pretty hard for a house dog to have to go outside in this weather to do his business, and tougher yet if he's not feeling confident where he is, right?

So the boys are at Gord's, Scott and I finally bought the flooring for Golden Grain Farm, and happily we escaped what was very nearly a bad multi-vehicle collision on the Circle Drive Bridge before leaving the city yesterday afternoon. We had just loaded some 800 pounds of laminate into the van and had come around a curve on the highway when a vehicle in front of us swerved to avoid a stalled vehicle in its lane. Vehicles started braking and skidding everywhere, as the road was icy, and for a moment I could not see how we weren't going to get banged up. There was nowhere to go and with the road conditions, no one had perfect control of their vehicles. Somehow Scott managed to handle ours and get through the only hole in the onslaught of heavy Christmas-shopping traffic that was ahead of us as well as on all sides and coming up swiftly behind. I still don't know how we got safely through that situation, but let me tell you, I am very grateful. I was reminded how quickly everything can change in a person's life and again, how lucky I am.

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