Wednesday, 17. December 2008
Only 20 Below today: Balmy

A visit to the doctor's office was followed by a walk across the parking lot to the hospital and a wait in a small lounge while Grandma had her lab work done. Someone has taken the trouble to make paper snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling. I wondered who, and why.

After an afternoon of running around in town, I came home tired and cranky. I've managed to get us all fed but that's all I have energy for. I'm going to get into my pyjamas, climb into bed, and read for a while.

I'll leave you with this. This morning I ran across a blog that is new to me and enjoyed the writer's answers to the questions that had been posed to her. I've never participated in one of these "memes" before but it seemed to me this gal might come up with some questions worth thinking about, so I agreed to do it.

1. What is your biggest fear?
Drowning. If I went on a fancy cruise ship, I'd have to wear a life jacket the whole time. Even then I might be nervous.

2. Some people think that throughout our lives, we have certain golden moments - times when we are in perfect sync with ourselves and our circumstances. What have yours been and how have they affected you?
Ooh, that's a tough one. I'd have to say my childhood, when I rode my bike all summer with a buddy boy and ran around outside all day, playing in the streets of the small village that is my home town. What could be better than that? I had the freedom to spend my time pretty much exactly as I wanted to ... very much like my life right now, except for these damn dishes. I think those days gave me a taste for daily freedom, so that I was never happy tied into the 9 to 5, especially if I was stuck indoors.

3. It's time to throw a dinner party for your favorite historical figures. Who is at the table? What do you feed them?
I'm not a very good food host, so it's hard to think of something special. I'd make what I like: a big Greek salad loaded with olives and feta; lots of steamed veggies, herbed; garlic toast; all served with copious amounts of wine; followed by a killer chocolate caramel cheesecake for dessert, and coffee. Oh, and my guests? I don't really have favourite historical figures, but I'd love to break bread with Anaïs Nin (obviously) and wouldn't mind meeting Elizabeth I of England either. I've always found her rather fascinating.

4. If someone offered you a chance to have total clairvoyance for a 24-hour period, would you want it? Why or why not?
You betcha. I'd want to see for myself if there really is life after death. To know that there is, rather than only believing that there is.

5. What is the worst thing parents can do to their children (outside of obvious things like abuse)?
Believe that their children aren't good enough. That they have to be better, or somehow more or different, than they are.

And now I'm toddling off to my cosy bed.
Feel free to reply to the above questions yourself: I'd be interested in your answers.

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