Sunday, 25. September 2005
Disembodied Voices

~ my favourite lake ~

Sunday 25 Sept 2005
1:11 p.m.

Beth’s story about hearing her son’s laughter before he was born has reminded me of something that happened when the Likeminded Ladies did a “journeying” workshop together. We used drumming to facilitate our journeys, which were led by Trent Deerhorne, a shaman from the Saskatoon area.

For one journey, or meditation, he drummed and chanted while the rest of us sat, or lay, and listened. Almost immediately I could hear a woman’s voice chanting in harmony with his. Since it is not uncommon for my inner ear to hear harmonies to any melody I am listening to, I did not think much of it, but assumed that was what was happening. The woman’s voice continued throughout the session.

When we discussed it later, it turned out that all of us had heard the woman’s voice. Some had thought one of the others was humming along with Trent. None of us had done so.

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