Sunday, 5. June 2005
Sunday 5 June 2005

Mom and I chose the fabric for this tablecloth, which she wanted to make for her friend Mary Jo. She did not think we would get it finished before she died, but I promised to see it done.

I was in Mom's bedroom, sewing the small squares together, when her last moments came. In the days that followed, Aunt Reta was enlisted to help and advise, and Joan's mother-in-law Janet also went to work on the sewing machine. Between the three of us, the tablecloth was finished and given to Mary Jo on Thursday, the day we held a come-and-go tea for local friends and family.

Here we are after the cleanup: me, Cameron, Dad, Joan, and Karen, with Aunt Reta in pink in front.

Do note the tall sister, standing there in my flat-heeled sandals. It's why I can still get away with calling my younger sisters the little girls. I am just a smidgin under 5'5", so imagine what shrimpettes they are!

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